Low Budget Weddings
Tips for Fairy Tale Weddings under $5,000

Today's brides and couples are always looking for ways to have low budget weddings and still create their fairy tale wedding dreams. And that's the mission of Low Budget Fairy Tale Weddings, to share our experiences, research, ideas and the ideas of others to help make your dream wedding come true.

Maybe you've always dreamed of walking down the aisle in a gorgeous Cinderella wedding gown. All of your friends and family there to share in the excitement. You and your attendants holding beautiful bouquets and your ring bearer with the satiny pillow. fairy-tale-newlyweds

Then you dream about your reception. Beautiful wedding favors and place card holders decorating the guests' tables. The band or DJ introducing the wedding party. Your First Dance. The Dollar Dance. The excitement and fun of all of your friends and family being there.

But wait...that all costs a fortune, doesn't it?

No! It doesn't have to! If you start planning early and use our tips for low budget weddings, you can have your fairy tale wedding from start to finish - wedding gown and ceremony through reception - for a fraction of the cost - and make it your day to remember.

I found out from helping my daughter plan her fairy tale wedding that a beautiful wedding can be done on a very small budget. She wore the gown she dreamed of, had four bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer, live band, caterer, the whole nine yards. We spent under $3,500 total, from start to finish.

By planning early and keeping to her schedule, her little girl fantasy wedding came true! And we didn't break the bank doing it.

When I decided I wanted a large, more traditional affair for our wedding anniversary, I started early and did a lot of research online - and kept all of my notes to compile them into the same low budget wedding tips that I used to keep our entire event at our $5,000 budget!

Now, I do need to point out that your guest list size is important to manage so you can stick to your budget and keep it low. It costs money to mail out hundreds of invitations, find a large enough venue and feed all those people.

The examples I used for my daughter's wedding, my cousin's wedding and my own all had guest lists under 150 people, including the wedding party and DJs.

But even with a larger guest list, you can still save a lot of money by looking at other low budget weddings and using their tips and ideas for table centerpieces, decorations, favors, wedding gowns, and bouquets. If you save a lot of money in those areas, you can put the savings toward a larger guest list and a professional invitation printer if you want.

Low budget weddings are a reality when you start early and use a little creativity and you'll have the money for your dream honeymoon or your first house instead of thousands of bills to start off your new life together.

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The Emergency Bridal Kit is Every Bride's Must-Have
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Digital Camera Skins for Disposable Wedding Cameras
Using hand crafted digital camera skins, you can turn Fuji disposable cameras into single use wedding cameras plus your wedding cameras will be customized to your wedding theme, blending seamlessly into your reception d�cor.
Lavender Lace Tea Rooms & Blue Butterfly Catering
Quaint, elegant and affordable describes the Lavender Lace Tea Rooms at the Blue Butterfly Gift Shop in Emmaus, PA.
Outdoor Locations for Weddings
When you think about outdoor locations for weddings, there are a couple of added details that you need to keep in mind simply because of unpredictability of Mother Nature. Your affair can either be the fairytale story of your life or it can transform into a total disaster depending on how well you've prepared.
Wedding Theme Ideas for Low Budget Weddings
From wedding invitations to wedding favors, use our wedding theme ideas for low budget weddings to make your fairytale wedding dream come alive!
Scrumptious Coffee Tea Wedding Theme Ideas
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Setting the date for your wedding is probably of the most important decisions you'll make, even more important than where you'll have the event and what dress you'll wear. A lot rides on what date you pick for your wedding, not the least of which is how much money you can save if you're able to set the date out at least a year, and if you can break from the traditional Saturday late afternoon event.
Hosting Backyard Receptions and Weddings-the Little Touches that Make them Special
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Fairy Tale Weddings Blog
Our Fairy Tale Wedding blog keeps you up to date with creative tips, ideas and do-it-yourself projects for having your wedding on a very low budget.




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